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Mar 15, 2019

Especially in America, there seems to be this popular image of the life of faith as a road to comfort and prosperity. If we put Jesus first, life would be easier. Some even think of Lent as a means to an end. If we give up the right things and focus more on God, then surely our troubles will fade away.

But the Psalms suggest otherwise. These ancient expressions of the life of God’s faithful continue to remind us of God’s fidelity in times of fear and hardship. Through the Psalms, God promises to be present through our darkest journeys - providing shelter in our hours of need.

Today on The Good Shepherd Podcast, we’ll hear how U2’s gospel-infused hit “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” reminds us of the realities of hardship, while calling us to lean into our faith - and to keep on walking.