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Aug 9, 2018

No Longer Strangers: Bound Together in Grace

Part four of a six-part series from Ephesians


Responding to Grace

Christianity is not necessary in our society in order to make “good” people.  Other religions preach most, if not all, of the same morals that our Christian Bible does.  Our civic laws perform much of the same function as the original Ten Commandments!

Where Christianity differs is in how that goodness comes into play.  Christian ethics, values, and morals come as responses to God’s grace.  God’s grace comes first.  We, as God’s faithful people, are called, then, to live our lives in response to that grace.

The word that we use for this kind of grace is “prevenient” grace.  God’s grace goes before any call to obedience to God’s commands.  God’s commands always come after a “therefore”.


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