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Jul 27, 2018

No Longer Strangers: Aliens Brought Near

Part two of a six-part series from Ephesians


As human beings there will always be things that set us apart or cause us to be different from one another, there will be things that divide us.  And Jesus came to reconcile us to God and to one another, breaking down walls, mending relationships and showing us that we are united in Him.  In the household of God, Jesus is our cornerstone.  He is our foundation and what holds us up.  And God works through us, building up within us the very temple where God’s work is done.  We are the building materials and we need all of us to have a strong structure.  It is God’s grace that brings us together and gives us the chance to share God’s love with one another and the world.  Thanks be to God for the things that bring us together-for the gift of grace and the opportunity to serve others!


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